Why is BBT so effective?

Quality is our PROMISE. Our crash courses offer unmatched insight into the High School courses made available to students. Our experience and presentation makes it easy for students to understand and ask questions if they feel the need. We approach students in a way they can relate to. We motivate students since this is a key factor that will contribute to their success. Most importantly, we focus on examples and step-by-step solutions that they can expect on their exams.

What is a BBT Crash Course?

Each Crash Course is specially designed to provide a student with the tools needed to successfully complete a specific exam. Each Crash Course is performed by a tutor with a deep knowledge of both the course material and the exam format. The general format of a Crash Course will involve the tutor teaching the pertinent course material of each topic for the exam, followed by the solving of key examples and specially chosen questions. Each Crash Course is accompanied by a Crash Course package, which contains most of the material the tutor will require throughout the Crash Course.

What will be covered in the Crash Course?

We will be covering all the course material that you will be responsible for on your midterm or final exam. We do a brief review of the theory but mainly focus on solving past exam-like questions.

Can I buy a course package without attending the course?

The course packs come exclusively with the course. We do not sell the course packages individually.

What is the refund policy on the crash courses?

Building Blocks Tutorials will gladly give a full refund of payment if the request for refund is made more than 5 days before the Crash Course, otherwise, no refund will be given.

What are the weekly/monthly review sessions all about?

These review sessions are made to answer any questions the students feel were unanswered during class time. They are also mini crash courses reviewing the weekly/monthly topics.