Our Advantages


    Over the last 12 years, our review sessions have helped thousands of students achieve a boost in their grades by an average of 15-20%. Our tips and detailed step-by-step solutions have had a significant impact on how students prepare and perform during their critical exams.


    Hand-picked content and step by step examples, catered to students’ specific exams. We filter and gather the best materials, videos, and practice problems, saving parents and students lots of time.


    We recruit and train only the best. Our tutors are experienced, passionate about the subjects they teach and are trained in the fields of education, engineering, business and sciences. They are driven to ensure and improve a student's ability to perform at their absolute best and be confident in their skills.


    BBT leverages the best in cutting edge educational technology as well as in-class learning methods. Excellent content and service at a low and affordable rate.

About Us

Our Philosophy

Founded in 2004 by McGill University Engineering and Finance graduates, BBT`s mission remains firmly in place: to help as many students as possible build a foundation for their future. Our teaching philosophy is based upon a firm belief that every student can succeed, given the proper encouragement, motivation and tools. We believe that a tutor’s most important job is to listen and observe how students work and learn, and then communicate in a way that best resonates with them. Our aim is to instill effective and lifelong learning strategies and problem solving skills, helping to develop a cycle of confidence, motivation, and success that will impact not only students’ academic journeys but also professional and personal lives.

Supporting Students and Schools

Building Blocks Tutorials regularly supports schools and students served. We offer support in the form of academic bursaries and event sponsorships that are dear to students as well as administrators.

Our Services

Helping students ACE their exams and build skills for their future

  • Crash Courses
    Mid-Year & Final Exam

    As Mid-Year and Final Exams approach, BBT offers effective Crash Courses specific to students’ curriculum. Our team handpicks the most relevant and probable exam type questions, provides step-by-step solutions, clear tips, detailed notes & explanations. BBT has helped thousands of students get the boost they need to succeed. Sessions contain up to 25-30 students and last approximately 4-6 hours.

    Subjects Offered: Math, Science, History, Physics, Chemistry

  • Academic

    BBT reinforces critical fundamental skills through its academic workshops. These workshops look to build impactful executive skills including, reading comprehension, motivation, confidence, organisation and time management.

  • Weekly/Monthly
    Review Sessions

    These clinics are similar in nature to our Crash Courses except that they are offered on a weekly or monthly basis to reinforce material learned in class.

  • Additional

    We offer extra practice materials so that our students can put their skills to the test after attending our crash courses and prior to their big exam, allowing them to feel comfortable and up for the challenge.


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