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Motivation, teamwork and accountability are key components of our NEW Classmates Private Tutoring service. Together with our dynamic teachers, 2 or 3 classmates will benefit from regular weekly tutoring support. Private 1-1 sessions can also be offered as needed, to provide additional personalized support. Students enrolled in this service must be in the same class with the same teacher in order to coordinate content and questions.

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We aim to be the educational service partner of choice for elementary and high school administrators.

Founded in 2004 by McGill University Engineering and Finance graduates, BBT`s mission remains firmly in place: to develop the next generation of problem solvers who are equipped to become lifelong learners through engaging, effective and practical Academic and Skill Based Workshops.

Technology development is rapidly accelerating and shaping society. Thus, the skills and knowledge required of today’s students will constantly be evolving. We firmly believe that education, in all forms, allows for freedom, growth and ultimately, happiness.

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